Monday, 1 December 2008


I've got a shiny new hall floor. Here's the before photo, complete with dust, splinters and broken tiles:
and now look at it! Pretty fantastic isn't it.
Must try not to ruin the effect by parking my bike on it and leaving loads of shoes lying about.

I finished off my back-tack projects last week and they are all posted off. I took a few photos of the items I made but they came out really badly out of focus. I will post them on the back-tack site but I'm not very happy with them. I hope my swap partner Murali likes what I have made for her.


Aunt Spicy said...

That floor looks amazing!

CoLiE-O said...

wow! you did that yourself? i am impressed! sorry- you dont know me, i just stumbled across your blog :)

pogm said...

Wish I could say yes, but no - my neighbour's dad did the work for me. I think he did a great job :-)