Friday, 24 April 2009

lacy crochet

I crocheted a small bag to keep my crochet hooks in so I dont lose them. I used some thickish black cotton thread and the pattern is adapted from the hook case in Lacy Crochet - Kyuuto Japanese Crafts. The result is a bit short and also the the hooks fall through the holes. So, not well thought out overall (totally my fault for not bothering to follow the pattern properly and nothing to do with the lovely book). Luckily its exactly the right size and shape to keep my ipod in to stop it getting scratched in my bag. The evenings are light enough now to go the allotment after work for an hour. Still a fair amount to dig over and weed but we have potatoes, onions, broad beans, carrots and parsnips in the ground. Tomorrow I will take some pictures. In the meantime here are some tiny cauliflowers... aren't they sweet!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


My new niece is a week old. Welcome to the world Katerina :-)
Of course this means that the tiny blue cardigan will need some pink flowers attaching.

Thursday, 9 April 2009


Broad beans on my kitchen windowsill.
I baked a cake today, in my new breadmaker. Its a bad idea - dont try it!
Also, I have been doing some knitting. Its a pale blue/green baby jumber. I will post a picture when its finished. My stocking-stitch always ends up in stripes of uneven tension. So on the back I tried to even it up by knitting the purl rows more loosely. Then for some reason I tried to knit the knit rows more tightly on the front. Im not sure why I thought this was not going to have some kind of bad effect on the overall garment. Tension is a tricky isnt it? Sometimes I think I should relearn how to knit from scratch but it seems like a lot of effort.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

day off

Lovely! Day off work today. I got a haircut and did some shopping. This morning I threw some bottles into my recycling bin in my front garden. My neighbour thought someone was smashing a window to break into my house so she called the police. She was just a bit jumpy after I got burgled a couple of months ago. I was pretty embarrassed when 2 police cars turned up a few minutes later. After all the excitement I cleaned my kitchen and dusted this shelf above the fireplace. I made the 2 crocheted jug covers ages ago. These are really handy, quick items to make for presents. My friend Nic gave me the tiny cup and saucer and the tile comes from my Great Aunt.