Thursday, 9 April 2009


Broad beans on my kitchen windowsill.
I baked a cake today, in my new breadmaker. Its a bad idea - dont try it!
Also, I have been doing some knitting. Its a pale blue/green baby jumber. I will post a picture when its finished. My stocking-stitch always ends up in stripes of uneven tension. So on the back I tried to even it up by knitting the purl rows more loosely. Then for some reason I tried to knit the knit rows more tightly on the front. Im not sure why I thought this was not going to have some kind of bad effect on the overall garment. Tension is a tricky isnt it? Sometimes I think I should relearn how to knit from scratch but it seems like a lot of effort.


Jac said...

Lovely beans! I planted our broad beans straight in the ground but I need to go and plant the other beans in pots, probably later today! One benefit of the weather being colder up North is that I have longer to do these things!!

pogm said...

Hi Jac, are your beans growing yet? These are in the ground now, and the slugs still havent got them!