Friday, 24 April 2009

lacy crochet

I crocheted a small bag to keep my crochet hooks in so I dont lose them. I used some thickish black cotton thread and the pattern is adapted from the hook case in Lacy Crochet - Kyuuto Japanese Crafts. The result is a bit short and also the the hooks fall through the holes. So, not well thought out overall (totally my fault for not bothering to follow the pattern properly and nothing to do with the lovely book). Luckily its exactly the right size and shape to keep my ipod in to stop it getting scratched in my bag. The evenings are light enough now to go the allotment after work for an hour. Still a fair amount to dig over and weed but we have potatoes, onions, broad beans, carrots and parsnips in the ground. Tomorrow I will take some pictures. In the meantime here are some tiny cauliflowers... aren't they sweet!

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