Wednesday, 8 April 2009

day off

Lovely! Day off work today. I got a haircut and did some shopping. This morning I threw some bottles into my recycling bin in my front garden. My neighbour thought someone was smashing a window to break into my house so she called the police. She was just a bit jumpy after I got burgled a couple of months ago. I was pretty embarrassed when 2 police cars turned up a few minutes later. After all the excitement I cleaned my kitchen and dusted this shelf above the fireplace. I made the 2 crocheted jug covers ages ago. These are really handy, quick items to make for presents. My friend Nic gave me the tiny cup and saucer and the tile comes from my Great Aunt.

1 comment:

Jac said...

Whoops! At least it wasn't anything serious and I guess you know your neighbour is looking out for you!