Tuesday, 31 March 2009


All sorts of things are springing up in my garden. This clematis is growing at an incredible rate. With a bit of luck it will have big purple flowers in the summer.
I went to a willow and hazel garden structures course with my mum on Saturday. It was fantastic fun. Really hard on our hands though, my thumb nails are suffering this week. We made tall plant supports. The hazel provides the uprights and the willow twigs are bent round them and woven to hold the whole thing together.
The willow twigs were soaked for a couple of days beforehand to make them easier to bend but it was quite warm in the room so after a few minutes work they started to dry out. Here is my mum weaving one of the circular ties. We had time to make one of these teepees each and a sort of basket type plant pot.
So the clematis now has a hand-made plant support to grow up.

I will take some pictures of the finished articles in my garden soon.

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Jac said...

This is cool, I've always loved those willow structures and especially nice that you've made your own for the garden.