Saturday, 21 March 2009


I walked into town this morning. Along my road there are a few small apple and cherry trees clipped into hedges. They look so pretty. This one has been allowed to grow a bit more wild. I took a few photos at the beach too but the sun had already got quite high so they didnt come out too well. Might try to get up early tomorrow and give it another go.
In town I found a really great dress and a top in Monsoon - neither in my size. So just came home again.


Nicole said...

The picture is so very pretty! Very cherry :o) Doesn't it just drive you mad , when they don't have your size ? My mum , always says " it just means it wasn't meant to be." It still bothers me :o)
Better luck next time!

pogm said...

Hi Nicole. I wasnt too worried...Im sure I have enough clothes already :-)
Thanks for your nice comments!